Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paul Jabara-Paul Jabara And Friends (1983) @ vrb

Paul Jabara
Paul Jabara And Friends (1983) @ vrb
Track List:
1. Bad Habits - Paul Jabara
2. Ladies Hot Line - The Weather Girls
3. Hurricane Joe - Leata Galloway
4. It's Raining Man - The Weather Girls
5. Eternal Love - Whitney Houston
6. What's Become Of Love - Leata Galloway
7. Hope - The Weather Girls


  1. Thank you for the latest Paul Jabara posting! Keep it coming! Do you have De La Noche or Shut Out albums? Loved the previous posts and No More Tears demos!

    1. Hi Jeff:
      Yes, I have both Paul's albums you mentioned in mp3 @ 192 kbps. I will post them someday soon. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Thank you for posting this set. I remember being at Record Factory Warehouse and having to constantly restock this album it was very popular. Research it now and people are asking $90.00 smackers for the CD. Wow! Right!!
    :] David

  3. hello.linkis dead.i want this album in FLAC PLEASE :(

  4. Some of your music and mixes are beautifully done, and are creative and well selected. SADLY, and probably because of copyright etc, 4shared have killed all the links so we can not enjoy your creations.How upsetting to not be able to hear most of these mixes.Is it possible to maybe use a different file host or put them all on your mixcrate account? It would be really wonderful if you could.